Seamen's Church

Seamen's Church

As a very special gem, Hotel Bethel houses the only Seamen’s church in Denmark. In the 200-year-old warehouse building, you will find the church. It was consecrated in 1952, where, among others, King Frederik IX participated. The church belongs to the diocese of Copenhagen and is subject to Holmen’s parish.

Nedtælling til Julegudstjeneste i Holmens Kirke

I år kan vi med glæde fortælle at Præst Ejgil Bank Olesen igen afholder julegudstjeneste i Holmens Kirke, på adresse Holmens Kanal 21 i København. 

Gudtjenesten afholdes d. 24 december 2022, kl. 10.30. 
Fra kirken går man samlet med flag og kranse, til mindeankeret i Nyhavn, hvor der holdes andagt.

Alle er velkommen.


In 2020, the church underwent a major restoration in connection with a renovation of the hotel. Historical elements of the church have of course been preserved, for example The church bell, which was donated by Maersk McKinney Moller, which is located on the church roof.

Worship Service

From September to April, volunteer pastors hold worship services where all interested are welcome. After the service, coffee is served in the Seamen’s lounge.
Please contact the reception
if you are interested in a tour of the church.